Gepard GPR

Ground Penetrating Radar with Android Tablet PC

The Gepard GPR is a modern ground penetrating radar for the detection of underground objects and structures like pipelines, cavities, tunnels, foundations and the likedownload (2)

This ground penetrating radar is using an unshielded transmission system with telescopic antennas to penetrate up to a maximum depth of 40 meters. The Gepard GPR is a very lightweight, flexible and compact ground radar which can be operated by a single user easily.

The RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging) sends electro-magnetic signals in the range of 60 MHz to 300 MHz into the ground and awaits the echo or reflection of the signal to detect hidden anomalies like the following:

  • buried pipelines, conduits and cable harnesses
  • underground walls, basements and concrete reinforcements
  • backfilled wells, galleries, trenches and dugouts
  • water level and underground rivers and aquifers
  • secret tunnels, bunkers and shelters
  • hidden cavities, graves and sepulchers
  • septic tanks, distribution boxes and drainage pipes
  • buried treasure chests, statues and caches

Many automatic adjustments are supported to optimize the ground survey on specific soil types. The operator just needs to adjust one of the 16 depth level to start the ground survey.

The ground survey data of the Gepard ground penetrating radar is directly transferred to an Android Tablet PC. The Android application software receives the scan data via Bluetooth and displays it immediately on screen.

The Android application is integrating a GPS signal for Google Maps and supports automatic filtering. The operator is furthermore able to enter specific notes for later recollection of specific scan details. Additionally, automatic filtering capabilities are useful to improve the results of your ground scan and find hidden structures and buried objects more easily.


Gepard بر اساس ارسال و دریافت سیگنال کار می کند.سیگنال های ارسالی از 60MHZ تا 300MHZ متفاوت است.

حد اگثر عمق کاووش در این سیستم 40m است.

با استفاده از این سیستم اپراتور قادر به پیدا کردن , دیوار های مدفون در خاک, فضاهای خالی,تونل ها, مجسمه ها, گنج های مدفون در دل خاک, لوله ها, بستر رود خانه ها و هر انچه که در خاک مدفون است. با هر قدمی که بر می دارید دنیای نا شناخته زیر زمین را با چشمانتان مشاهده می کنید.سیستم انتقال اطلاعات  با bluetooth است.سیستمی همه کاره برای حرفهای ها.

کار با نرم افزار این سیستم ساده و موقعیت تمام اسکن ها  با استفاده از GPS قابل باز یابی است.